Amadeus Altéa Revenue Availability

Optimize your inventory and maximize return from every booking with Amadeus Altéa Revenue Availability, calculating real-time availability and taking into account Origin & Destination (O&D), yield and bid price vectors by using advanced algorithms and information such as point of sale and routing. Additionally, it tailors the response according to availability and sell request using yield and seat index modifier strategies, resulting in more precise airline customer segmentation.

Optimize inventory and maximize return from every booking.



Maximize revenues

Complement Revenue Management System (RMS) optimization logic with real-time O&D availability calculation for both segment and O&D level.

Customize Availability

Based on real-time demand through airline customer segmentation and identifying the true customer value and their level of price sensitivity.

Protect Revenues

Safeguard your sales with Journey Data and Married Segment Control.

Control revenue-based strategies

Access decision support tools.

Increase efficiency

Get seamless integration with Altéa Inventory and Altéa Revenue Management.


Customized Availability

Based on relevant Yield and Bid Price, get availability for the entire network.

O&D Determination

Analyze the request in real-time, taking into account the Journey Data information.

O&D Customer Evaluation

Retrieve the corresponding Yields from the RMS.

Active Valuation

Enable dynamic pricing by customizing availability against different criteria such as point of sale, advanced purchase date, interlining partner, carrying costs, competition data, distribution channel and passenger characteristics.

O&D Revenue Evaluation

Calculate the O&D availability and applies Married Segment Control at the time of sale to protect O&D policy.

Simulation tools

Simulate complex availability computation algorithms against business scenarios to monitor and fine-tune strategies.

Consolidated reports

Easily view the business impacts of each action.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Revenue Availability with Active Valuation

Maximize revenue by optimizing availability and price dynamically, taking advantage of precise customer segmentation.

O&D Determination analyzes real-time request with Journey Data information.
O&D Customer Evaluation retrieves corresponding yields from the RMS.
Active valuation complements dynamic pricing by customizing multiple criteria availability.
O&D revenue evaluation protects the policy with availability and Married Segment Control.
Simulation tools monitor and fine-tune strategies with competent algorithms.
Consolidated reports monitors business impacts of simultaneous activities.

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