Amadeus Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Our next generation of graphical user interfaces built to improve the efficiency of your agents across reservations, sales and customer service. Customer profiles and ancillary services are fully integrated in Amadeus Altéa Reservation Desktop Web.

Improve the efficiency of your agents across reservations, sales and customer service with our next generation of Graphical User Interfaces.


Improved productivity and service

Altéa Reservation Desktop is designed to meet your agents’ needs in terms of display, guidance and interactions. Novice or expert, agents are faster and more efficient when answering a question or making journey amendments. New agents become fully productive in just a few weeks and on average.

Guided flows

Guided flows streamline your business processes, especially repetitive tasks. Your agents can confidently complete their tasks quickly with suggested next actions and critical step validation.

Smart functions

Including autocomplete and keyboard navigation.

Easy deployment

Altéa Reservation Desktop Web is a fully web-based application and only requires internet connectivity and user credentials to access. It can be easily deployed to any location including airline call centers and offices, airline or city ticketing offices, outsourced call centers, airport CUTE environments and remote workers.

Call center integration

CTI connectors make call center integration easy. Frequent flyer profiles can be automatically displayed and telephone payments are fully secure.

Integration of value-adding services

Such as Amadeus Ticket Changer, Ancillary Services Catalogue.

CUTE certification

For simplified airport deployment.

Tailored to your needs

Amadeus is happy to work with airlines to provide a tailored solution. Altéa Reservation Desktop Web has many customizable elements built to accommodate specific market requirements and client needs.

Configurable panels

Some panels can be tailored to your business rules and processes. For example, service masks can be customized so agents can work faster on complex services.

Customization options

Access extensive customization options, including screen visuals, functional activation and external integration.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Provides agents with a streamlined sales experience, whether they’re based in an airline outlet, outsourced call centers or operating remotely.

Greater efficiency with a specifically designed Reservation Desktop as an easy-to-use interface, with guided flows to streamline your business and smart functions including autocomplete.
Easy deployment of a fully web-based application with reliable CUTE certification, to reduce operational costs, requiring only an internet connection and user credentials.
Integration of fully embedded value-adding services as well as possible call center integration, with automatically displayed frequent flyer profiles.
A system tailored to your needs to work best for your airlines, with elements such as configurable panels for your business rules and processes and customizable options.

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