Amadeus Altéa Reservation

Securely store passenger records and share customer preferences across all channels involved in the reservation process with Amadeus Altéa Reservation. Enable your agents to anticipate customer needs and improve customer experience today.

Securely store passenger records and share customer preferences across all channels involved in the reservation process.


Increase your revenue

Promote your preferred offers and apply your distribution policy in real-time, virtually-suppressing irregular bookings.

Indirect channel

Our unique community architecture allows Altéa partner airlines and travel management companies using the Amadeus GDS to efficiently distribute content. A complete set of options is also available to promote and distribute your offer to your partners, with or without intermediaries.

Direct channel

Optional user interfaces for both offline distribution (ATO/CTO) and the online channel (the Amadeus e-Commerce suite).

Partnerships and alliances

Due to its co-host architecture and extensive security system, Altéa Reservation is currently the only system designed with partnerships in mind. Amadeus is the IT provider of choice for the three main airline alliances and compliant with their IT joining requirements.

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customer’s preferences are consistently applied across all channels throughout the entire reservation process.


Electronic ticketing and electronic miscellaneous document (standalone and associated) capability, including rapid deployment of interline booking and ticketing means your customers always have access to their travel tickets.

Develop a strong customer relationship management

Secured access to customer data allows you to customize services that will match the value of your customer.

Maximize your productivity

Reduce the time-to-ticket with contextual data, automated customer preference recognition and instant confirmation on special service requests.

Shared infrastructure

Amadeus Altéa Reservation is based on a shared infrastructure and variable IT cost, which will help you maximize efficiency through smarter peak management and reduce TCO.

Booking management

Easily flag your records or trigger specific processes depending on the reservation content or step of the booking. Amadeus Availability Management applies your point of sale-sensitive distribution policies automatically, while automatic PNR updates push relevant data to all channels.

Fares and pricing

Best-in-class price calculation algorithm. Our up-to-date fare database is fed by industry-standard repositories and direct filing with Amadeus FareXpert.


Receive booking data in in batch or real-time, having the choice of the triggers and applying customized data filtering.

Regulatory Compliance

Number of country specific programs like US border Secure Flight program are taken into account in Reservation processes to help having compliant booking, increasing agent efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Reservation

Helps you maximize bookings through multiple distribution channels with a wealth of both airline and non-airline content.

Secure customer record storage of passenger and itinerary information.
Drive revenue with shared customer preferences across all platforms, both indirect and direct channels, to reach a wider audience.
Anticipate customer needs with data allowing you to customize services to match each traveler’s values.
Improve customer satisfaction with consistency across all channels throughout the entire reservation process.
Intelligent booking management triggers specific processes according to preferences and automatically updates PNRs for the most relevant passenger data.
Improve productivity with a reduction on time of services and smarter peak management through a shared infrastructure.

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