Amadeus Altéa Network Revenue Management

Altéa Network Revenue Management is a powerful next-generation solution that helps you boost revenues across your network. This is particularly useful when you are developing your routes through connecting hubs and with codeshares or partnerships. It collects large volumes of data on customer purchasing behavior and their willingness to pay so you can make more informed decisions on pricing and availability.

Maximize profitability with this next generation revenue management system (RMS).



Exploit network opportunities

Use robust O&D forecasting and optimization, aligning your availability strategy and fares commercialization.

Boost revenue management & pricing performance

Help implement more informed business decisions with a customer-centric model.

Sustain airline growth

Move revenue management to a pricing practice based on customer choice, supported with targeted merchandizing.


Models demand behaviour and willingness to pay

Measure O&D traffic flow against fare structures and air products, such as Fare Families. This will depend on each customer’s purpose for travel (e.g. price sensitivity versus convenience).

Full integration with Altéa Inventory

Ensure complete data integrity and automated processes, making it possible to compute daily yields or dynamically optimize availability.

Provides analytics, simulations and alerts

Assess performance, prioritize actions and implement business-driven decisions.


Achieve 1 - 2% additional revenues

Move from a Segment Revenue Management system to Amadeus’ robust O&D forecasting and optimization solution (PODS studies).

Achieve 5 - 7% revenue increase

Through Fare Families, Amadeus’ uniquely manages fenceless fare structures and Fare Families (PODS studies).

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Amadeus Revenue Management Business Transformation

Uses a customer-centric approach designed to equip and prepare airlines’ revenue management function to stay ahead of the competition in its move to O&D revenue management.

Amadeus Revenue Management Professional Services

Provides close functional follow-up and support to ensure optimal usage of Altéa Network Revenue Management to get the most from the system.

Case Study SAS Network

Turning network complexity into revenue opportunity with Amadeus Altéa Network Revenue Management

Turning network complexity into revenue opportunity with Amadeus Altéa Network Revenue Management

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Product Highlights Amadeus Network Revenue Management

Address today’s business challenges and adapt to the demands of tomorrow’s industry to achieve full network revenue potential.

Maximize profits with demand forecasting and price sensitivity from your network business
Yield generation using current fares for future departure dates
Avoid revenue dilution with real-time fare adjustment and availability procession for individual requests across all channels
Decision support tools, reporting and user interfaces to navigate complex data and simulate real-time availability

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