Amadeus Altéa NDC

Amadeus Altéa NDC is an IATA-certified product that enables Altéa PSS airlines to distribute advanced merchandising offers to third parties. By implementing Amadeus Altéa NDC your airline can reach more distribution channels with a consistent shopping experience and advanced merchandising technologies.

By using Amadeus Altéa NDC your airline can reach more distribution channels, deliver a consistent shopping experience, and apply advanced merchandizing technologies to every offer you make.



Overcome industry challenges such as product differentiation and provide a consistent merchandising offering to travelers across all channels.

Revenue Optimization

Increase efficiency with the latest IATA industry standards, benefit from a single source of merchandising offers, provide designated third parties with access to your content and deploy innovative capabilities.

End-User Experience

Deploy consistent, unique offers across all channels and extend your merchandising distribution reach.

Brand Identity

Differentiate your offer by transmitting rich product information, such as fare families, ancillary services and rich media.

IT Business Value

Implement a modular product, increase performance, scalability and evolution gains with consistent end-to-end integration in the Altéa Passenger Service System.


Amadeus Altéa NDC supports a number of impressive features, including end-to-end NDC booking flows; from shopping to purchasing, and provides “Offer & Order” management capabilities.

NDC Verbs

Amadeus Altéa NDC uses NDC verbs for NDC-XML messages which are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, published by IATA.

Offer Management

Shopping query results are stored at shopping time via 'Offers' and 'Offer items'. Fare conditions and prices are guaranteed.

Order Management

Create orders when finalizing the shopping flow, using existing processes (e.g. booking, payment, document issuance). The 'Order' concept is specific to NDC, a macro record linking both the ticket and PNR, using Order ID.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa NDC

Deliver an enhanced and consistent shopping experience for your valued customers with Amadeus Altéa NDC, helping you make better offers across more distribution channels.

Distribute advanced merchandising offers to third parties.
Enhance your brand identity with extensive product information.
Access a single, centralized source of merchandising offers and provide a positive end-user experience.
Leverage advanced Offer and Order management.
Amadeus Altéa NDC offers consistent end-to-end integration with the Amadeus Passenger Service System.