Amadeus Altéa Inventory

We deliver the latest revenue and schedule management technology; leveraging advanced availability management techniques, dynamic customer segmentation and sophisticated airline policy controls to maximize efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Utilize the latest revenue and schedule management technology.



Increase efficiency

Help your agents and flight controllers increase efficiency in scheduling, seating and re-accommodation by reducing processing time by up to 30%.

Maximize revenue

Maximize revenue by up to 6% using the latest revenue management techniques.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Identify and highlight high-value customers, enabling you to provide enhanced customer service to your most valued customers.

Gain competitive edge

Instantly respond to competitor’s actions by changing business policies dynamically (seating, schedules, code-share) using market based business rules.

Seamless integration

Works seamlessly with Altéa Reservation and Altéa Departure Control to deliver a more efficient user experience.


Schedule management

Handle all aspects of scheduling with fully automated, customizable features and market pair logic. This includes reception for single schedules in addition to processing major schedule changes and full schedule publication.

Inventory control

Fulfill a number of critical functionalities, including but not limited to: airline inventory control, real-time interaction with revenue management and departure control systems.

Seating management

Single graphical seat map across reservation and departure control. Automated seating rules assess customer value and instantly publish any alterations across all channels.

Wait-list management

Easily configure your customer wait-list access rules and benefit from automated wait-list clearance based on customer value.


Fully-automated and guided re-accommodation modes based on full itinerary and customer value, using automated flight selection (including partner flights) to find the best alternatives.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Inventory

Amadeus Altéa Inventory strengthens your airline’s competitive positioning through speed and automation.

Increase efficiency with a streamlined schedule management, with fully automated customizable features and market pair logic.
Seamless integration delivers an easier user experience, working across other Amadeus systems to ensure the best productivity for your business.
Increase revenue with the latest revenue management techniques, such as a fully automated and guided re-accommodation modes based on customer value and easily configured waitlist management.
Gain a competitive edge by altering business policies based on market business rules.
With a comprehensive inventory control, be able to control critical functionalities across the airlines, with real-time interactions and automated calculations.
Create a loyal following and improve customer satisfaction by identifying and tailoring to high-value customers to help better enhance personal customer service.

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