Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management

Analyze passenger and cargo load with precision, automatically define optimal aircraft load and utilize a fully Graphical User Interface to maximize productivity and centralize your operations.

Analyze and centralize your operations with a fully Graphical User Interface.


Cost savings and increased productivity

Ground handling management

Both airlines and ground handlers can handle any carrier, Altéa or not, with a unique Graphical User Interface to manage all flights from all airlines. Operating carriers’ preferences and processes can also be applied.

Staff management

Use powerful tools to help you manage staff including shift scheduling, load controller licensing and validity, and dangerous goods certification.

Altéa integration

Take advantage of comprehensive integration with Altéa Reservation, Altéa Inventory and Altéa Departure Control – Customer Management

Take control of your ground operations

Load control and capacity management

Centralize your load control sites and reduce fuel costs through improved capacity management and optimized aircraft trim. In addition, maximize load capacity for freight aircraft with optimized weight and balance.

Load distribution and balance

Benefit from automated calculation of Accurate Estimated Zero Fuel Weight, detailed allocation of passenger weight and optimized aircraft load distribution. The Graphical User Interface generates Load Instruction Reports (LIR).

Amadeus Altéa mobile ramp

Make sure your ramp staff can access the Load Instruction Report (LIR) on mobile tablets in real time.

Increase visibility over your airlines

Operational visibility

Manage flights from all airlines with the same graphical user application and easily switch between flights of multiple carriers in one single view.

Flight departure monitoring

Supervise multiple flights on the same screen with help from a graphical user interface and automate alerts for any activity requiring special attention.

Flight activity plan

A highly-flexible flight activity plan allows you to customize flight level and aircraft type whilst automatically initiating scheduled activities.

Case Study Air Dispatch and Finnair

A customer success story on the benefits of centralising load control operations and using cutting edge technology to drive change

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Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management

Enables you to define optimal aircraft load with automated efficiency and enhanced precision.

Increase productivity via flight departure monitoring for your load controllers, working with a graphical user for supervising multiple flights with automated alerts for any activity requiring attention.
Establish efficient ground handling management, applicable with any carrier including airlines with multiple carriers, while operating carriers’ preferences and processes can also be applied.
Centralize your load control with improved capacity management and load distribution and balance automatically calculated for you, with a GUI to facilitate handling and instruction reports.
Reduce your costs with a highly flexible flight activity plan that allows you to customize flight level and automatically initiate activities already scheduled.
Take advantage of seamless integration with systems in the Amadeus Altéa Suite, including Altéa Departure Control and Mobile Ramp for real-time notifications and load instruction reports, as well as other systems.
Optimize staff management with powerful tools for shift scheduling, dangerous goods certifications and load controller licensing and validity.

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