Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Customer Management

Streamline agent activities and optimize every revenue opportunity from booking to take-off. Amadeus Altéa Departure Control – Customer Management focuses on passenger services, providing a high level of automation for key airport processes from passenger check-in to departure.

Automate processes from passenger check-in to departure and maximize revenue.


Effective workflow

Guide your agent step by step, ensuring they follow best practices with a workflow-driven and intuitive graphical user interface.


Simplified customer-centric identification process for tailored customer services and intuitive workflow for right levels of priority. Key check-in steps are fully automated, including smart seating logic, validation of tickets, and regulatory checks through check-in.

Boarding management

Your gate agents benefit from an integrated dynamic agent alert system and customer tracking to quickly resolve any boarding issue. Also benefit from a self-scan boarding pass capability at the gate, automating airport processes.

Disruption management

Automated or guided transfer of passengers, taking into account each customer’s unique value. Ensure customer service continuity with data transfers between all Altéa products.

Standby management

Get proactive onload and re-grade, Voluntary Denied Boarding (VDB) offers, and offers for alternate flights to resolve issues quickly. In addition, an optimized onload & regrade recommendation can be applied in one click.

Optimized customer processes

Simplify and speed up your core customer processes at the airport by automating error-prone and repetitive tasks.

Self-Service check-In

Empower your customers to check in through multiple check-in channels and options including internet, kiosk, mobile and automated check-in. The service also features a home-printed bag tag capability.

Advanced baggage management

Automated application of airline baggage policies and easy collection of baggage fees. Altéa Departure Control – Customer Management also easily interfaces with automated baggage systems.

Maximize revenue

Maximize last-minute airport revenue opportunities by offering your customers more services to benefit their needs.

Ancillary services payment

Automatically detect any unpaid services and integrate your full ancillary services catalogue, simplifying the selling process and generating additional revenue.

Expert implementation support

Benefit from Amadeus’ proven implementation expertise.

Web integration

Integrate your HTML pages or applications in Altéa Departure Control – Customer Management’s graphical user interface, expanding the scope of possibilities for customer service at the airport.

Ground handling

Manage customers of all the airlines you handle within the same application.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Ensure a superior customer experience at the airport with personalized service, taking into account your customer’s profile and value.

Customer Value

Identify the value of your customers through pre-defined business rules, giving you the ability to offer personalized services to your high-valued passengers.

Amadeus Altéa Roaming Agent

Access Altéa Departure Control – Customer Management from a tablet device and reduce airport real estate costs while enhancing your customer service.

Seamless Integration

Take advantage of perfect integration with Amadeus Altéa Reservation, Amadeus Altéa Inventory and Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management as well as Amadeus Altéa Customer Server, where all frequent flyer information is stored.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Customer Management

Ensure your airline safeguards its competitive position and operates more efficiently with advanced, customer-centric management.

Harness a high level of automation, including automated and flexible baggage policies allowing collection of additional charges.
Optimised servicing flows to enforce best practice and improve efficiency.
Optimize customer experience by using self-service capabilities along with personalized service, taking into account each customer’s value.
Customer centric identification providing consistent priority to high-value customers.
Regulatory checks automatically performed, strictly enforcing regulatory processes, limiting penalties.
Baggage finalization and anticipation of baggage to offload for non-boarded passengers.
Clean to gate philosophy minimizing boarding delays.
Automated management of disruption with baggage transfer and associated services, reducing compensation costs.
Real time synchronization of the data throughout the whole Altea suite.
Reliable implementation expertise with fluid web integration, expanding scope for customer service at the airport.

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