Amadeus Altéa Customer Contact

Enhance your passengers’ travel experiences by delivering real-time, accurate and relevant information about important flight events such as disruptions, boarding gate change or a waitlist clearance. Let your passengers efficiently navigate unforeseen cancellations, disruptions and other events impacting their travel.

Enhance traveling experiences and deliver critical flight-information instantly.


Optimize efficiency

Optimize operational efficiency

Alleviate strain on your customer service operators with automated notification systems reducing the need for last minute re-accommodation and averting compensation fees.

Improve customer satisfaction

Maintain an active dialogue with customers by sharing real-time flight related information with your passengers, providing a more streamlined traveling experience and navigate flight cancellations, disruptions and other flight related events proactively.


Complete range of notifications

Share important information via real-time, with automated and accurate messages, through one of three modules: Flight Change, Passenger Service or Loyalty.


Ensure brand guidelines are upheld with extensive customization options for message content and layouts, including passenger’s preferred language

Follow-up, tracking and reporting

Access monthly reports with detailed billing information to build statistics on flight events and to perform analytics. Customer Contact will also notify you of successful message deliveries and alert you of any sending failures.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Customer Contact

Ensure the best customer satisfaction with timely and accurate communication throughout their journey.

Automated notifications allow you to send important flight related information to passengers accurately and in real-time.
Harness a wide scope of event triggers with high levels of accuracy and reactivity capabilities.
Full automation and operational efficiency enabling safeguarding of agents’ time on customer communication.
Control the status of notifications, such as sending failures.

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