Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition

Increase brand stickiness of your corporate travelers who matter the most. Recognize and reward them with tailored benefits based on the value the corporation brings to you. Differentiate your corporate offer and go beyond simple fare discounts.

Corporate travel can represent 40-50% of an airline’s total passenger revenue.


Improve customer satisfaction

Identify travelers from specific corporations and, based on pre-define criteria, provide a customized offer for reservations made across any channel.

Traveler segmentation

With Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition you can segment corporate travelers with unique identifiers based on value. Pre-defined value criteria are calculated using corporate tiers, corporate priority codes, and corporate customer value.

Increase brand differentiation

Set various levels of service based on customer value, enhancing the management of valuable and limited capacity resources. Attract new business by tailoring offers made to corporate passengers with travel-related services, in addition to corporate fares and discounts.

Generate tailored offers

Customer offers are based on specific corporate value data. For example, Reservation Services offers are generated based on seating availability, whereas Departure Services offers relate to check-in, on-load and lounge access.

Widen your market reach

Up to 80% of corporate travel reservations are made through travel agencies, which is why Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition integrates seamlessly with Amadeus booking tools, including Amadeus e-travel Management, cytrix Travel & Expense, Amadeus Selling Platform, as well as acceptance of incoming messages from other global distribution systems.

End-to-end integration

Integrate fully with key Altéa products and Amadeus booking tools. These include Amadeus e-travel Management and Amadeus Selling Platform, ensuring widespread reach across direct and indirect channels.

Reduce your costs

Automated processes, based on pre-defined customer value data, reduce costs by limiting manual handling, reducing the risk of human errors and the risk of fraud.

Automated Processes

Pre-defined corporate value data is incorporated into your business rules to automate processes used across the Amadeus Altéa Suite.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition

Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition enables you to identify, segment and provide preferential services to corporate travellers, based on value.

Improve corporate customer satisfaction through segmentation on a corporate level, which allows you to use pre-defined value criteria to provide a customized offer for reservations across any channel.
Differentiate your brand to enhance your resource management and set various levels of service with generated tailored offers to corporate passengers, based on specific corporate value data.
Establish the greatest market reach possible with a full end-to-end integration with other key Altéa products and Amadeus booking tools to ensure the best widespread servicing across both direct and indirect channels.
Reduce costs by limiting manual handling and human errors with automated processes incorporated into your business rules across the entire Amadeus Altéa Suite.

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