Amadeus Altéa Booking Intelligence

Identify, track and respond to fraudulent behavior in real-time, before the end of a transaction with Amadeus Altéa Booking Intelligence. Featuring comprehensive reporting functionality and an aggregated display, Booking Intelligence can help safeguard revenue and proactively defend against fraud.

Enable airlines to identify, track and respond to fraudulent behavior in real-time.



Track, measure & correct in real-time

The real-time capabilities of Altéa Booking Intelligence are the solutions greatest asset. Operators can react to fraudulent behavior before the End Of Transaction, meaning issues can be corrected before any transaction has been made.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting system with user-friendly, aggregated displays to enable operators to clearly visualize important information.

Save time with our algorithm

Avoid wasting resources defining/adapting specific booking patterns, or maintaining a post-process tool. The sophisticated algorithm can detect previously unknown fraudulent behavior.


Utilize efficient detection

Our sophisticated algorithm runs for each PNR creation to analyze the booking activity and store the suspicious cases in one single repository.

Aggregated display

A clear, aggregated display provides comprehensive report functionality. Operators benefit from tailored KPIs, revenue loss estimation and export capability.

Key performance indicators

KPI’s to help authorized users track, filter and sort events to measure measuring their impact on the business.

Personalized actions

Cancel fraudulent bookings, restrict availability, limit the number of confirmed bookings and alter the time-out settings per booking.

Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Booking Intelligence

Manages all inventory misuses in real-time, addressing fraudulent behavior before it impacts revenue.

Before EOT, Altéa Booking Intelligence re-evaluates availability to ensure that the Inventory Controls are not being bypassed.
If a misuse is detected, Altéa Booking Intelligence will log all the relevant details of the session, including an estimation of the revenue loss associated with the fraud.
In some cases, the airline can configure the application to automatically cancel segments that have been confirmed by fraudulent activity.
Comprehensive reporting with an aggregated display so that operators can benefit from tailored KPIs to help authorized users track and measure their impact.
A time saving algorithm that increases time efficiency for staff, along with the ability to personalize your business’ booking actions.

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