Amadeus BRS

We’re with your passengers and baggage, every step of the way. Give your customers a faster check-in process and reduction in mishandled baggage thanks to 100% reconciliation, meaning more happy passengers and a better brand image for airlines.

Match real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in to flight departure.


What makes us the best

Amadeus Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) is an innovative solution which matches real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in until flight departure, a reliable “track and trace” system that can pinpoint baggage through its journey. It greatly supports airlines using Altéa DC in reducing compensation pay-outs, passenger upheaval and processing costs, while giving the means to decrease drastically the need of TTY messaging. Amadeus BRS is fully integrated with Altéa CM and FM and, as centralized solution, removes the need for on-site IT equipment and IT is fully compliant with IATA R753.    

Achieve 100% reconciliation and operational efficiency

Achieve real full reconciliation between passengers and luggage by allowing all agents working on a flight to see the same thing and talk the same language, enhancing the power of data sharing.

Access instant visibility

Benefit from full integration with Altéa CM and FM, resulting on a single shared data source of flight, passenger and baggage information, allowing real-time end to end visibility of a flight (schedule, passengers, baggage, load planning).

Have all agents on one platform

Other solutions in the market need messages from other applications to get information processed. For users of Amadeus BRS, it will all be available at their fingertips, making the authorization process to load aircraft shorter, resulting in a faster flight turn-around.

Convenience for your IT and Operational staff

We are the only BRS that offers centralized solutions for small or large customers. This is a great advantage to our customers as they no longer need to worry about on-site maintenance and support of the BRS.

Use innovative systems to reduce costs

Our cloud approach reduces the requirement for costly on-site hardware equipment and IT maintenance. The latest versions are always available at no additional cost, downloaded directly to both computers and scanners, with no additional charges for system upgrades.

Operate over multiple locations

Utilize a multi-airport deployment option from the central source with the same version across all of your sites. Once the hardware is available at airport premises, the cut-over can happen in just one week.

Savings on baggage messaging

Cut down on all external messaging from other applications, with integration across all our Altéa products, representing a huge cost saving for you. The average number of messages per processed bag that occur on other market BRS’s is four, and these messages are charged per character.

Build a better brand image by keeping passengers informed

Keep passengers happier thanks to a decrease in number of mishandled bags and fewer flight delays due to lost baggage. Real-time baggage information can be fed onto your mobile app to keep your passengers informed of baggage status and avoid frustrations in case of problems waiting in vain at baggage claim areas.

Product Highlights Amadeus Airport BRS

Centrally hosted and innovative baggage reconciliation solution, capable of delivering high-quality service across operations of every size.

Reduce operational costs with fewer ground-level errors and more reliability on flight departures with real-time information exchange.
Improve customer satisfaction with the amount of potential mistakes and delays reduced thanks to fast deployment which can also be customized to fit your airline’s process.
Increase baggage operational efficiency with access to all passenger and baggage information in real-time, with full DCS integration alongside a comprehensive repository of all details.
The system’s flexibility allows the possibility of helping organizations of all sizes in all scales with a cutting edge technical service with continual and localized support.
Complete compliance with industry standards and helps drive industry mandates.

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