Amadeus Airline Service Fees

Maximize profits by adjusting fee levels according to the method of payment used. Amadeus Airline Service Fees is an automated product designed to collect airline fees associated with payments from partnered travel agencies. Our solution is fully compliant with industry standards defined for OB fees.

Maximize profits by adjusting fee levels according the method of payment used.


Maximize profits and reduce costs

Generate revenue and reduce your operational costs with automated collection and clearly define fees per payment processes.

Frequent flyer tier fee differentiation

Set different fee levels depending on customer's tier status. This allows you to personalize fees based on customer value.

Automated collection and reporting

Reduce costs by automating the collection and reporting of payment, enhancing the overall experience for your travelers.

Reinforce revenue integrity

Improve your revenue integrity with comprehensive integration across travel agencies' workflow and an enhanced customer experience.

Standalone OB pricing

Limit disruptions in the agency's purchasing process when re-pricing.

Enhanced your sales flow

Implement a customer-centric sales process with early communication of the maximum chargeable fee. This ensures a transparent shopping experience for your customers.

Product Highlights Amadeus Airline Service Fees

Maintain transparency regarding fees and enjoy automated, customizable payment collection and reporting.

Adjust fees based on customer tier status, personalizing pricing in response to customer value.
Reduce operational costs with automated collection and reporting of payments.
Amadeus Airline Service Fees seamlessly integrates with travel agency workflow.
Enhance the customer experience by limiting workflow disruption and providing a transparent shopping experience.

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