Amadeus Airline Cloud Availability

Gain the flexibility to control your dynamic content distribution while containing costs and protecting business strategies. Amadeus Airline Cloud Availability helps manage increasing online activity while accurately applying airline financial decisions through localized deployment in shopping platforms.

A cloud-based product that offers airlines the flexibility to control their dynamic content distribution while containing costs and protecting business strategies.


Revenue Generation

Generate bookings from increased customer conversion and acquisition, thanks to accurate offers across all sales channels. The system provides the most cost-effective way to distribute dynamic availability.

Consistent Product Offer

Minimizes ‘bookability’ issues with a unique design that runs the same software in Airline Cloud Availability as that in the Amadeus central system.

Revenue Optimization

Apply advanced revenue management logic in real-time, ensuring that the right price is offered to the right customer.

Efficient Technology

The flexibility of Airline Cloud Availability allows it to be deployed anywhere. It is an ideal fit with public cloud infrastructure for capacity elasticity.

Brand Identity

Provide a consistent traveler shopping experience at every touch point.

Ready Made Product

Amadeus Suite carriers’ data can natively be deployed and synchronized in the cloud.

IT Business Value

Leverage a future-proof product that affords greater control through Omni-channel merchandising. Cloud availability is a next generation technology that will power airline content distribution in the years to come.

Supports Airline Partnership Strategy

Our community model can serve the needs of multiple carriers, including alliances, joint ventures or groups – all from a single platform.

Product Highlights Amadeus Airline Cloud Availability

Manage increasing online activity with accuracy across all distribution channels with Amadeus Airline Cloud Availability.

Ready-made product generates bookings from optimizing customer conversion and acquisition
Efficient technology ensures consistent pricing being offered to target group with real-time revenue management
Supports airline partnership strategy serves the needs from multiple carriers in one single platform
Consistent product offer minimizes bookability with a unique design

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