Amadeus Ancillary Services

Maximize your airline ancillary revenue and deliver unparalleled customer service with this end-to-end, multi-channel and industry-compliant solution. Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services is natively integrated in the Amadeus ecosystem, providing a seamless, consistent solution for displaying, booking and selling ancillary services both in the direct and indirect channels.

Enable your airline to increase their revenues by deploying their merchandising strategy in the indirect channel across Amadeus shopping platforms.


Increase sales & profitability

Full visibility

Increase your airline revenue through selling ancillary services in any channel, while having full visibility of payment status to control waivers.

Access multiple channels

Expand your sales by selling any flight or non-flight related service through all our channels and touchpoints, even with your codeshare and interline partners.

Keep your revenue secure

Protect revenues with revenue integrity features such as time limits – meaning you can automatically cancel services that have not been paid and notify agents of unpaid services.

Increase productivity, reduce costs

Better efficiency

Improve efficiency with the automation of pricing, sale, tracking, and servicing of airline ancillary services.

Cut your costs

With a single airline ancillary system that covers all channels and offers native integration, you can considerably cut your operations costs.

Enhance customer experience

Give the ideal experience

Enhance traveler’s experience with consistent ancillary offers across all touchpoints and seamless service delivery even after flight disruptions.

Ganuda Indonesia Case Study Garuda Indonesia improves its ancillary services

Here's a look at how Ganuda has successfully increased its ancillary revenue, by giving customers more choice and attention far...

Here's a look at how Ganuda has successfully increased its ancillary revenue, by giving customers more choice and attention far beyond 'just' the ticket.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services

Use a powerful merchandising strategy across shopping platforms that reaches all customer touch points.

Harness multi-channel integration that has the capability to sell any ancillary service through the catalogue via different channels.
Sell flight-related ancillaries on codeshare and interline flights.
Get an automated and integrated solution with Disruption scenario and Voluntary change via Amadeus Service Changer (ASC), so agents spend less time with changes.
With a DCS enabled solution, our system has integration in self-service check-in channels (web, mobile, kiosk).

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