Amadeus Advanced Sales and Revenue

Leveraging Big Data technology supported by a fully scalable architecture, we provide to Airlines of any size a powerful tool to better analyze performances related to all major commercial KPIs, with an advanced reporting and analysis tool primarily based on revenue accounting data and on other Airline own data (e.g. budget, grouping of travel agency, Inventory, etc.) for both the airline commercial team and the revenue accounting team.

Advanced Sales and Revenue is part of the Amadeus Performance Insight Suite.



Real revenue data source

All evaluations and dashboards are based on real revenue down to coupon level. This means that information displayed by the system represents the real performance in terms of revenue.

Monitor your performance

Get real revenue performance, including straight rate, multilateral and special prorating, ancillaries, taxes, commissions and refunds. This gives you a full overview of the commercial performance, supporting you during any commercial related decision process.

Revise your policies efficiently

Access deeper insight with high quality data (RA) to analyze your internal policies, giving you the opportunity to quickly analyze the performance and understand trends or behaviors.

Optimize revenue

Harness complete reports on the commissions you give to agents selling your tickets, including Standard, Supplementary and GSA commissions and on interline agreements. Have the ability to evaluate and monitor your partnership agreements so you can optimize your network performance.

Utilize an agnostic system

The tool can be delivered as a stand-alone solution or placed as add-on to Amadeus Revenue Accounting. This means you will be able to plug-in data feeds coming from any kind of Revenue Accounting systems.

Have multiple modular approaches available

Be able to expand with additional modules, providing insights from different points of view. This allows you to customize your own tool, investing only into reports you really need.


Commercial Management Information System module (CMIS)

Use high level summary dashboards dedicated to C-Levels and Head of Commercial departments.

Ancillary Insights module

This set of dashboards allows you to collect the main KPIs related to ancillary sales, based on Revenue Accounting data.

Accounting Deep Dive module

Access specific dashboards at document level for Revenue Accounting and Sales analysts with dedicated KPIs, e.g.: Coupon Fare, Commissions, Coupon YQ/YR, Charges, etc.

Data Marts

Benefit from a customizable table based on loaded aggregated data.

Booking & Travel module

These Pre-defined Sales & Revenue dashboards offer tactical insights to drive growth. It allows the user to compare booking and yield travel performance vs. the target and historical performance at POS level down to the office ID and booking class, in order to drive bookings across all routes.

Product Highlights Amadeus Advanced Sales and Revenue

Advanced Sales & Revenue, using predominantly the revenue accounting system feed, provides the opportunity to deep dive into the most relevant KPIs including booking, sales, flow…

Get a complete overview of your commercial performance, so you can monitor efficiently.
Get deeper insights processed in real-time, giving you real performance analysis and the highest quality information.
Be able to use the system as a stand-alone or as an add-on feature.
Get the full use of the service with additional modular options, so you can provide insights from multiple points of reference.

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