RFC 2350 - Amadeus Cert (1A-CERT)

Last updated - May 2020


Amadeus Group this is made up of different legal entities under the control of Amadeus IT Group SA.  



Amadeus CERT (1A-CERT) is the team in charge of coordinating the Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Security Incident Response activities between Amadeus Group, (internal entities) and external entities (Authorities and National CERT, Private & Commercial CERT/CSIRT, Industry ISAC, …)

For more information about 1A-CERT, please read our RFC 2350​​ 



To notify us about a potential cyber threat or a cyber security incident involving an Amadeus entity as source or target, please contact us through the following channels:

Primary Contact Channel

  • eMail Address: cert@amadeus.com
  • For secure communication, please encrypt your email using PGP:
    • ID: 2580C67EEABA58E9
    • Fingerprint: 290DBB1B2356A38DB7966CA72580C67EEABA58E9

Alternative Contact Channel

Amadeus CERT can be reach through Amadeus Main Desk reception during French Office Hours at: +33 (0)4 92 94 60 00

The main contacts are:

  • Head of Global Security Operations: Daniel MORELAND
  • Head of CERT Unit: Nicolas VEYS

Postal Address

Amadeus CERT
485 Route du Pin Montard
06960 Biot