Amadeus workforce planning and well-being

Last updated - Apr 2020


Amadeus’ Business Continuity

Given the nature of our business and global reach, Amadeus is fully committed to and recognizes the benefit of having a global Business Resilience Management approach. This consists of providing the organization with the mechanisms and tools to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to events that could adversely impact our people, systems and infrastructure, and manage disruption to minimize the potential impact.

When it comes to disruptive events, our priority is always to ensure the well-being of our employees and as such, we have mechanisms in place to ensure we can manage and respond to events that can impact our workforce. We constantly monitor events that may have the potential to affect our people’s health and safety and their ability to work.

More precisely, as well as Global Crisis Management Teams, we also have Local Crisis Management Teams that manage these types of events locally through:

  • Established Business Continuity Plans at both site and departmental level
  • Mass notification tools and processes to use during emergencies and/or to provide updates to employees during disruptive events.  This enables immediate messaging and management of disruptive events.

These tools have been tested and are now being executed. Our teams are working normally so we are confident that our preparation for crisis events has worked and that we will be able to continue servicing our customers without disruption in the coming weeks.

Some of the measures taken, both at local and global level, are:

  • Emergency response plans
  • Alternative means of working to ensure continuity of operations. Examples are work-from-home arrangements, follow-the-sun mechanisms and teams or secondary facilities
  • Criteria and thresholds to determine when alternative means of working should be in place
  • Internal communications and notifications
  • Health and safety preventive and reactive measures

Our approach to coronavirus (COVID-19)

On January 30, the World Health Organization declared the Novel Coronavirus outbreak (since renamed COVID-19) a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. At Amadeus, we are closely monitoring this situation in close contact with trusted sources of information such as International SOS and the World Health Organization itself, both at group and local level.  We are also following local authority guidance on any change, locally or globally, that can affect our employees.

With regards to the developing coronavirus event (COVID-19), we are supporting Amadeus sites in and near affected countries to ensure we are taking necessary precautionary measures and are addressing employee concerns. We have actioned our business continuity plans, both at local and group level, and are working normally, regardless of whether sites are open or working remotely.

Other specific measures include:

  • Recognition of the World Health Organization and International SOS as our source of information for monitoring and planning
  • In-country local team responses to, and working with, local authorities to requirements unique by site or country
  • Global communications management with messages applying to all employees, as well as specific messaging for employees at local sites where relevant
  • Request to all our employees travelling to consult the International SOS travel advisory and watch out for alerts from International SOS regarding their specific destination as there may be travel delays or disruptions.
  • Increase in sanitation services and hygiene standards in high risk sites
  • Provision of additional guidance to employees based in Greater China

Our main priority is to ensure our employees well-being and also to continue servicing and assisting our customers with as little disruption as possible.

Ensuring business continuity in our data center

Amadeus recognizes the uniqueness and specificity of its main data center, and as such we have implemented a clear and specific business continuity plan, which has been defined in accordance with the ISO standard 22301 for this sort of event. Our plan for this critical Amadeus site  documents all the procedures that will guide us to respond, recover, resume, and restore to a pre-defined level of operation following disruption. All critical processes have been identified and the associated resources, manpower, hardware, software, and physical resources have been secured.

Some of the measures included in such plan and that are now underway, include:

  • Splitting teams of engineers working and social distancing to prevent contagion
  • We have provisioned special anti-virus masks for key engineers, making them available at their work station as well as at the gate entrance.
  • We are also in permanent contact with the local authorities to make sure we have the procedure ready, should there be police controls on the way to work, providing the engineers and technicians with a certification that they are required to reach the data center.
  • We made also sure that our vendors have been informed of our preventive measures to align them with  our business needs.
  • Special cleaning and disinfection of the Amadeus premises and data center is being carried out so that we are further mitigating the risk of a possible infection for the few members of staff which are still entering the building for supporting business critical processes.

Upon confirmation of the first coronavirus case, we asked our technicians and engineers to work from home to prevent contagion. We have also requested them not to meet each other and to come to work on the equipment only when absolutely necessary and always in a split team fashion. Remote working capability has been increased not just to the key resources to critical processes but also to support day by day operations. In order to prevent overwhelming common global resources, additional backup plans have been created in order to reduce the capacity demand towards external  providers (e.g. CSPs).

We believe that the situation is well under control and we are confident that our preventive and risk mitigation measures will be effective until the COVID-19 situation is resolved. As of today, we can confirm that our data center is working normally and we are able to continue servicing customers without disruption. Our follow the sun operations, which includes Sydney and Miami teams, continues to remain in place. Teams are working remotely but offering uninterrupted service. 

Maintaining operations in other key sites

Amadeus has implemented its business continuity plans across all its sites, which means the immense majority of our workforce is working remotely. All Amadeus employees in our Headquarters in Madrid and Nice are working from home until further notice, following local authorities’ guidance. That is also the case in other key sites such as Bangalore or Singapore. Our priority is to ensure the well-being of our employees, as well as to support our customers and our communities.

As of today, we can confirm that all our sites, including the core ones mentioned above, are working normally and we are able to continue servicing customers without disruption.