Airline partnerships

We're always excited to kickstart new partnerships with key industry players and remain committed to open operating systems, enabling our partners and customers to seamlessly integrate with Amadeus solutions.

Meet our strategic partners


Adobe partnership

Traveler experiences are often inconsistent across various touchpoints; the Adobe partnership provides solutions to the largest airlines enabling a seamless digital experience for travelers across airline touchpoints.  

Accenture | Amadeus

Accenture partnership

Accenture and Amadeus have merged strengths to forge a new way of addressing the industry's challenges. We are building a forward looking, market defining set of innovative capabilities, drawing from the existing Amadeus and Accenture portfolio and expertise. We help airlines bring innovation to market faster, assisting them through transformation, addressing pressing issues, while leading the way in innovation.

Salesforce | Amadeus

Salesforce partnership

Salesforce, global CRM leader, enables companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful technologies - cloud, mobile, social, internet of things, and artificial intelligence - to connect to their customers in a whole new way.  Through the partnership, Amadeus and Salesforce combine insights and self-learning intelligence to manage travel experience at scale, delivering personalized and consistent customer service efficiently across all channels.

Meet our portfolio partners


Optym partnership

The Optym-Amadeus partnership focuses on providing next generation optimization and forecasting solutions for network planning and scheduling to airlines. Amadeus Sky Suite by Optym is in use at leading airlines such as Southwest Airlines and easyJet.


Points partnership

Points, (TSX: PTS)(Nasdaq: PCOM), provides loyalty e-commerce and technology solutions to the world's top brands to power innovative services that guarantee revenue stream to airlines while further engaging their members via highly personalized offers through a full suite of loyalty currency retailing services, private branded hotel and car booking services, and mileage exchange and incentives. Through this partnership, Amadeus and Points help airlines offer easier ways for frequent fliers to earn and burn their miles.

Christopher Barnard, President, Points International

Christopher Barnard, President of Points International, explains the benefits for airlines of Points' partnership with Amadeus.

Amadeus service optimizer app on Salesforce AppExchange

Amadeus' service optimizer application empowers airlines to connect with their customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways.

Yvo van der Tol, CCO, Stranded Flight Solutions

Yvo van der Tol, CCO of Stranded Flight Solutions, on the benefits for airlines of the partnership with Amadeus, in case of disruption.

Ken Quaglio, CEO, Celerity

Ken Quaglio, CEO Celerity, on the benefits for airlines of the partnership with Amadeus and the value of the Amadeus Airline Platform.

Francine Rodgers, Client Marketing Manager, SalesCycle

Francine Rodgers, Client Marketing Manager, SalesCycle on the benefits for airlines of the partnership with Amadeus.

Campbell Brown, CEO and Co-Founder, PredictHQ

Campbell Brown, CEO and Co-Founder, PredictHQ on the benefits for airlines of the partnership with Amadeus.

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