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Turning rail passengers into customers

Foreword by Thomas Drexler

Global Head of Amadeus Rail and Ground Travel

Data-driven customer insights will be key to more personalized experiences. Information about the customer’s preferences will enable rail operators to anticipate traveler needs and be a key factor for differentiation.

Innovation in rail was once reliant on engineering and infrastructure, but today's technology advances enable rail to adapt to every aspect of the customer journey.

Railways are in need of efficient systems in order to capture customer data to offer personalized and predictive options to their travelers. Done right, rail technology raises productivity, cuts costs, and gives the whole customer experience a new feeling of ease and peace of mind.

Customization is already influencing the world of today’s travel and with the wealth of data available, it is now the time to know your traveler.

26% of travelers are more likely to respond to messages tailored to personal interests.

- Thinking like a retailer, Amadeus report 

Data-driven customer insights will be key to more personalized experiences. Information about the customer’s preferences will enable rail operators to anticipate traveler needs and be a key factor for differentiation.

Understanding past behaviour, traveller profiles and traveller preferences are central to creating a relevant, contextual and even predictive experience. 

Using these insights, rail operators can anticipate the services their travelers need on a journey and which revenue-boosting services they can offer them prior to their trip. By doing so, passengers’ perception of the rail journey, and the value they assign to rail brands will significantly improve, transforming rail passengers into loyal customers.

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