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The changing face of rail travel

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In-depth look at the changes taking place within the rail industry and the challenges that go with them, focusing on the European and North American markets.

Findings clearly show that deregulation and increased competition will create many new challenges for rail in the future.

  • Rail companies can see increased demand from both leisure and business travellers, with business travellers turning more and more away from short-haul air travel to railways.
  • Deregulation provides opportunities for expansion – but new entrants to the market could pose challenges for established carriers.
  • High-speed rail is increasingly recognised as an alternative to air travel, and there is significant investment in the development of high-speed networks worldwide.

Main issues and challenges

Deregulation will increase competition between rail companies and on routes – and new entrants to market might adopt previously unseen business models.

Rail companies need to move from a nationalistic distribution model to 'cross border' thinking and an industry-wide solution. They also have to make the customer their priority – and improve the overall travel experience.

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