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Safe guarding information systems: a leverage to revenue growth

Foreword by Celia Pereiro

Amadeus Travel Payments

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Find out more about how improving your safeguarding methods against fraudulent activities can help generate a better revenue stream. Top level expertise can help show the importance of data protection and how to implement greater efficiency.

As more and more of our business and personal lives are conducted online, risks of account takeover or identity theft are ever greater. Besides, this creates real costs for companies. According to data from PCI-DSS, cybercrime costs the victim company an average of 2.6 million dollars. However, it also creates an opportunity: safeguarding information can unlock revenues for companies that do it well. 

"Safeguarding information systems: A lever for revenue growth” brings together analysis, expert contributors and real world examples to give a comprehensive overview on data  care, the rising impact of fraud, and the response of the industry. It  provides talking points for security professionals looking to convince their commercial counterparts of the importance of taking good care of the data they manage and for commercial executives looking to get up to speed on how they can use security to unlock top line revenue growth.


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