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Reinventing Rail in Europe: The Battle for the Customer

Mirja Sickel

Executive VP, Rail & Ground Travel

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In the last ten years, travel experienced more change than it saw in the previous fifty years. It was nothing less than a customer revolution.

How rail can strenght customer focus?

Rail has not escaped the storm of change. An industry that was so often splintered along national lines and driven by the priorities of engineering was ignited by a key imperative: to reengage with the customer.

Executives are asking how they can best pilot their company through this customer revolution. What do they need to do to adopt and embed the kind of total customer focus it takes to thrive? 

Do they need to embrace new technologies, or adopt new commercial strategies? Or both?

The Battle for the Customer will ask how rail can use it to strengthen customer focus and look to other industries for best practices in terms of the strategies and mindsets that drive change.

With this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How competition affects today's railways 
  • How competition has evolved into greater customer focus
  • How technology is a powerful enabler to focus on your passengers.

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