Multimodality: the technology behind

Mirja Sickel

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New consumer behaviors and the rise of digitalization are changing the way travelers plan, book and behave during their journey. Communication between the key players of the travel industry will only be achieved with technology.

Empower the traveler

In addition to linking transport modes, technology gives customers the possibility to book, pay and get their ticket in one place using the device and channel of their choice! Conversion of multimodal journey plans into purchased trip entitlements is a lot higher, and so is your efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

When things don’t go as planned, in the case of delays or interruption of services for example, technology has a key role to play. With a true collaboration and alignment of the technology systems it becomes easy to provide on-trip information, advice and re-accommodation to the traveler.

Securing a multimodal future for Europe

New technologies, such as mobile and contact-less credit cards, are helping consumers navigate through the multimodal travel cycle. The European transport and tourism sector is placing its hopes upon this new strategy in order to strengthen competitiveness, facilitate mobility, and reduce carbon emissions as well as to identify a clearer picture of the current volume of multimodal connections in Europe. 

There is a need for technology and collaboration to understand how to use the huge amount of data in order to improve the customer experience. This can only be achieved with all key industry players working together globally.

Multimodal transport to shape a more connected future

A connected travel future across Europe requires more than just one individual player, working with key players in the travel industry and beyond this is becoming a reality.

Today, Amadeus is working with the European Union and other travel players to make travel across Europe using various means of transport easy. We're leading a consortium that is creating the vision of multimodal transport for a more connected travel future.

Svend Leirvaag, VP of Industry Affairs, discusses the current state of multimodal travel, and our role here at Amadeus as an enabler of multi and intermodal travel.

Creating a more connected travel future requires players from the public and the private sectors to join forces.

Innovation in Rail

Creating a better passenger experience.

Creating a better passenger experience.

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