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High-Speed Rail Research Study & European Rail statistics

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The study highlights the key trends and drivers affecting the evolution of cross-border passenger rail travel through the period, informed by careful research, robust data and statistics analysis and best practice modelling.

The report provides a detailed picture of the European passenger rail industry, identifying a major opportunity for rail operators in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Britain, Spain and throughout Europe striving to improve the efficiency of the continent’s travel system.

The study reports on factors that will shape the evolution of the passenger rail industry, its market share, and its relationships with other modal providers, providing a baseline scenario, built around trends, to size the business potential for the European passenger rail network in 2020.

What will you find in this report? 

  • Facts and trends that will define the future of European passenger rail
  • 6 key factors of change that will transform the rail industry
  • The 2020 scenario for cross-border rail business

Find out how high speed rail services across Europe can become a reality

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