White paper

Embracing Airline Digital Transformation

Foreword by Elena Avila

Head of Airlines Strategy, Amadeus IT Group

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We’ve entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era of datafication, constant connectivity and digital workforces. What are the strategies you have initiated to stay ahead? Does your offer fit what your travelers truly value?

This is the first in a series of three papers exploring how airlines can better shape their offer to travelers.

There are endless influences that lead consumers to make a purchase with a brand. How do you bring all of these real-time influences together to present the customer with something that is of value to them, right at that very moment?

The data is here, and so is the technology – both are ready to be harnessed – it’s time to use them to build affinity with travelers.

This paper will explore:

  • What today’s airline customers really value
  • How do you build the best offer to match your travelers value
  • What the right price for this offer is
  • Every step of the traveler journey is an opportunity to upsell



"Empowering the traveler to decide how much they are willing to pay – while still giving airlines a tremendous amount of control – has been only a positive move."

- Ken Harris, Founder and Chief Executive, Plusgrade

"Currently, the consumer looks for information. In the future, information will look for the consumer."

- Pr Dimitrios Buhalis, Director of the eTourism Lab at the School of Tourism, Bournemouth University

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