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Drivers of change in hospitality

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The world of hospitality is changing thanks to a rapid increase in traveler numbers. Not only are more people traveling, but the way we shop for, book and experience travel is too. Consumers are demanding more from hospitality providers, as they look for relevant, personalized experiences that fit their specific needs.

How will technology influence the way that hospitality brands interact with guests? How can hospitality providers better understand their guest’s motivations for each trip and cater to them? How will the guests of the future differ from today?

To answer these questions and more, Amadeus has partnered with IHG to commission a report by global consumer trends research agency Foresight Factory , which examines the drivers that will shape the hospitality industry in the future. The report includes further analysis into the industry impact of these drivers by Cornell’s Center of Hospitality Research .

This paper explores what lies ahead for the hospitality industry when it comes to service, loyalty and the booking experience. Threaded throughout is the increasingly powerful role technology plays in meeting the needs of the modern-day traveler. 

Drivers of Change in Hospitality identified three key themes which are driving hospitality experiences, brand loyalty and technology. 

These include:

  • The Rise of Tech-Augmented Hospitality 
  • Achieving Cult Status at Scale 
  • The Beginning of the End for Room Types

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