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Rail Technology Strategy: the use of IT in railways

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The report aims to help the rail industry understand how outsourcing can help drive modernisation.

Back on Track argues that the rail industry, which has long been held back by legacy IT systems, should adopt a strategy involving use of next generation IT solutions, similar to those used by other travel companies such as airlines,

  • to raise productivity,
  • cut costs, and
  • improve the customer experience.

The concept of an outsourced community platform, a shared system used by rival rail companies to manage customer processing, means rail companies would benefit from the latest technology whilst remaining free to innovate and differentiate.

What can you find in this report?

  • Grounds for optimism about the future of rail
  • More revenue by treating passengers as multi-faceted customers
  • Outsourcing has proven merits
  • Shared services: differentiate, and uphold the potential of IT 

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