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Amadeus ACUS positioning paper: difficult questions you should ask your current CUTE/CUPPS provider

Foreword by John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group, S.A.

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The cloud isn’t an end goal, but rather an enabler. Just because your vendor offers you common use in the cloud, doesn’t mean you are benefiting from being in the cloud.

Based on our work with airports, we’ve taken the guesswork out of deciding which questions you should ask when planning a new common use system project.

Download our positioning paper today and find out just what you should really be asking your provider about cloud-based common use technology.

Choosing a common use system is an important strategic technology decision for an airport. Due consideration should be given to not just current requirements but also to the longer-term passenger service and business transformation objectives of the airport. The growth of ‘cloud-based’ common use solutions is revolutionizing the check-in process and creating new opportunities for all stakeholders within the airport environment. However, the true benefits of having a cloud-based common use solution aren’t technical in nature or immediately apparent. The cloud is not an end goal, but rather an enabler, allowing the airport to explore innovative solutions to the business challenges of operating in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

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