Travel Technology Trends

The travel technology industry is evolving quicker than ever; it is becoming more traveler-centric and traveler expectations are continuously growing. This increasingly complex landscape calls for powerful & modern travel technology frameworks. At Amadeus, our investments in technology are based on what we see as the key enablers to make it happen.

Scroll down to read about the travel technology trends and news impacting the travel industry and how Amadeus is responding to them with cloud computing, big data, APIs, augmented reality (AR), internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and more.  

Videos on travel technology trends

Advancing travel technology with cloud

Amadeus is taking advantage of cloud-based technology to improve performance, agility and flexibility for our customers.

Advancing travel technology with Open Source

Amadeus is harnessing open source technology to enhance our operations and drive innovation.

Advancing travel technology with Big Data

Amadeus is providing advanced data analytics for the travel industry to transform raw data into meaningful insights.

Advancing travel technology with APIs

The APIs we’re providing to our tools and solutions give partners access to content, data and processes that accelerate experimentation.

Advancing travel technology with PaaS

We have moved towards cloud-based technology but our platforms are still the backbone of how we manage and deliver systems to customers.

Our featured travel technology trends

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