The Future of X

At Amadeus, we have a clear purpose to shape the future of travel and are passionate in our pursuit of better technology for better journeys. We have been powering the travel industry for over 30 years, and we believe that the secret to our success has been our collaborative approach to innovation. 

Throughout our history, we have developed our technology in partnership with the travel industry for the travel industry. By working effectively with those immersed in the business of travel and tourism, we combine a deep understanding of how people travel with the ability to design and deliver the most complex, trusted, critical systems for our customers and partners.

This focus on innovation through collaboration led us to develop The Future of Travel series, exploring what the future could hold for different sectors of the travel industry. As well as sharing our own insights, we will speak to industry and innovation leaders to understand what they see on the horizon, and will discuss what the industry needs to do to keep ahead of the innovation curve. 

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