Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Industry

Learn how Amadeus AI is transforming the future of travel with three traveler-centric pillars for artificial intelligence in the travel industry.

Amadeus artificial intelligence

We are focused on ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the travel industry to better serve our customers, so they can better serve their customers, the end travelers. We see AI as a key enabler in making the overall travel experience smoother while helping travel players improve their businesses.

AI is currently being integrated into many of our solutions. For example, for our airline customers, we have a dedicated team of Amadeus AI and machine learning (ML) experts working to support areas such as revenue management optimization, merchandising, and other business areas. We also have AI capabilities in distribution, airports, and hospitality, covering virtually all segments of the travel industry.

Advancing artificial intelligence in the travel industry

To complement the different AI teams that focus on our travel solutions (e.g., airlines), we also have a dedicated research team composed of experimental research scientists and engineers. The mission of this team is to better understand travelers to enable smarter, seamless, and more sustainable travel experiences with AI.

Our researchers deliver academic publications and push the boundaries of AI knowledge in travel. Their innovations are put into production with different Amadeus products and services using the latest machine learning models. We also have open self-service AI APIs for developers in the travel industry.

Amadeus teams from across the organization are focused on three travel-centric pillars when it comes to AI:  

  • Understanding travelers
    We are continuously researching the behaviors of travelers to understand their motivations to travel. By doing so, we can better propose offers that might enrich their experience or alternatives that could improve their journey and satisfaction.

  • Predicting travelers' behaviors
    By analyzing behaviors, segmenting, and clustering travelers, we can predict their actions leveraging AI technologies. For example, we are looking at choice modeling to predict what travelers will most likely choose when presented with different alternatives.

  • Improving the travel experience
    We are working to create smooth and frictionless experiences for travelers by improving the efficiency of various travel related processes. An example of this is using AI to help optimize passenger processing at airports or accurately forecasting the amount of luggage in an aircraft.

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