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What makes the Scandinavian traveler tick?

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We wanted to understand why the Scandinavian travelers make the choices they do during their travel planning and purchase process. Why do they choose a certain channel or travel provider? What pain points do they face when booking their leisure trip? To find out, we asked 1,500 travelers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

We found that over half of the Scandinavian travelers prioritize bargains, while 32% value safety and 17% look for luxury and status in their travels. We also found that the keenest travelers seem to be in Norway, where 51% of the respondents had taken three or more trips during the past 12 months.

Our research showed that our market is already quite in tune with travelers’ needs – many Scandinavian leisure travel sellers already have the functionalities that travelers want. But, there is always room for improvement! In this report, we highlight opportunities where you can build brand awareness and alleviate travelers’ pain points to strengthen your relationship with them.


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