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Voyage of discovery. Working towards inclusive and accessible travel for all

Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus commissioned this research report to ILUNION consulting firm to better understand the needs of travelers with accessibility needs, and to identify a framework for action for the travel industry.

“Voyage of discovery. Working towards inclusive and accessible travel for all”, the Amadeus-commissioned report developed by ILUNION, includes interviews with more than 800 specialists in accessible travel: travelers, private/public sector, international organisations, spanning 3 continents.

Delivering a more accessible travel experience, which responds to the needs of all travelers, is both a social imperative as well as an opportunity for the travel industry. Delivering on travelers’ accessibility needs is an increasing demand. World demographic indicators show a growing, aging population that will represent over 21.5 per cent of people by 2050. This is why, for the purposes of this study, accessibility refers to the needs of people with disabilities and seniors.

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