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Traveler at destination

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51% of travel spend occurs after the customer has arrived at their destination. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to secure more revenue?

Travel goes beyond the airport, train station or taxi lane, and so should your services

Most travel businesses help their customers get from A to B, but how many offer services beyond the airport, train station, or taxi lane? Approximately half (51%) of all travel spend occurs after the suitcases are unpacked, whether its a family holiday, romantic weekend away or even a business trip. The Amadeus Traveler Trend Observatory (ATTO) project aims to provide travel companies with more than just statistics, tracking, analyzing and understanding the evolution of traveler behavior. The result? You'll know how best to implement lucrative destination services for corporate clients and holidaymakers alike. Download our ATTO report and infographic below for more information on how to take advantage of this exciting business opportunity!

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