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Top 5 ways for LCCs to succeed with travel agencies

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This study highlights airlines’ key successful experiences from working with travel agencies. Drawing from these insights, Amadeus shares the top 5 practices to allow LCCs to fully capitalize on the travel agency channel.

"In fact, over the last three years, travel agents have delivered 28% growth in LCC sales, accounting for up to 30% of total LCCs’ volumes."

The travel agency channel is booming for LCCs

Do you know the long term benefits an omni-channel approach can bring to your business? 

Are you ready to adapt your product offering for the travel agencies to achieve higher revenues? 

Travel agencies are booming for LCCs and Hybrids, and they already feature prominently in most LCCs distribution strategies. Our experience shows that airlines, partnering with travel agencies have expanded their geographical reach to capture incremental sales, accessed new customer segments and generated significantly higher revenues. 

The key is understanding travel agencies’ needs and recognizing what agents require to service their clients and run their business. Travelers demand far more from travel agencies and it is only by providing an effective and personalized travel experience that agencies can hope to secure their trust and continued loyalty. Whether booking air travel for business or leisure, access to choice and value for money are key factors for both agents and their customers. This means agents are more open than ever to including low cost and hybrid carriers in their recommendations to travelers, if they can do so without impacting the efficiency and service levels they provide. 

So, what are the most successful practices that you could follow to get the full benefit of the travel agency channel?

We have identified the top 5 ways to ensure your success with the travel agencies. Real results confirm that the travel agency channel has opened up new markets and customer segments for LCCs, helping them to grow sales and increase brand awareness. Travel agencies are increasingly interested in working with LCCs and have demonstrated that they can generate substantial new business for low cost and hybrid carriers. At the same time, offering travelers value for money helps agents build trust and enhance their overall service offering. It’s a win-win! 

Use this study to ensure you align your strategy with travel agencies to fully capitalize on your distribution efforts!

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