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The flight search begins

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Flight search continues to evolve as consumers drive trends in the way they search and book trips & services - expecting results that are super-fast, cheap, accurate, relevant and bookable.

As each search query requires tuning and optimisation to deliver optimal performance, findability and bookability are no longer good enough KPIs to consider on their own.

Here at Amadeus, we believe that the real benchmark is conversion, this is the only result that counts.

This is why we continue to innovate to bring best in class search technology to your online business. Over a decade ago, we were first to deliver our low fare search solution and we’re first today to deliver instant search results; Now, with the delivery of two unique technologies: Machine learning algorithm to increase relevance to targeted customer groups and Instant search to boost conversion

These revolutionary technologies enable you to innovate across channels, create the ultimate (instant) search experience, boost conversion while ensuring online shoppers can compare all possible options on the same display.

Merchandise, Accelerate and Monetise

Merchandise: we integrate merchandising into the search results to add relevance and boost revenue per sale (search by bag allowance, Fare Families in search, travel agency bundles).        

Accelerate: as the world is shifting to instant, our technology will help create new use-cases (mobile search, map views, year calendar display).

Monetise: with new content and non-traditional products! (referral content, fare protection, car cross-sell).

Flight search is a key enabler for differentiation and Instant search opens new opportunities with new use cases.

As an Online Travel Retailer or a Digital Tour Operator, you have a huge opportunity to enhance your online shoppers’ experience and address their specific needs by using the right solutions to further differentiate your value proposition.  

We can give you the best tools to help you stand out in the very competitive online travel landscape so we can shape the future of online travel together.