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The always-connected traveller

Foreword by Julia Sattel

VP Airline IT, Amadeus IT Group

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This report looks at how mobile will continue to drive and transform the future of air travel, being already relied upon for instant information and connections to their social network. Find out more about what the mobile capabilities are today and what we expect to develop in the coming years.

Mobile is an unstoppable force that is set to transform the traveler experience.


This year we are seeing increasing numbers of our airline partners seeking to understand how they can innovate with mobile and many are planning a phased roll-out of new services to their customers. This whitepaper is focused on helping airlines to better make those strategic decisions, whilst providing insight into traveller wants and needs.


Our industry has been experimenting with mobile services over the previous few years and a number of basic services are now industrialised – delivering benefits to travellers today.


But it is the next five years that offer the greatest opportunity.


Increasing numbers of travellers are connected as the number of mobile phones has outstripped the world’s population. Travellers are now empowered with advanced smartphones able to deliver new functionality related to location, payments and realtime information flows.


What’s for certain is that mobile will be used to enhance the travel experience. The question is who will be centre stage in the revolution? A plethora of players are seeking to supply services to consumers through mobile - from application developers to global internet giants. As owners of the customer relationship, airlines are in prime position to enhance their customers’ experience and drive greater revenue, but our industry must first understand the future landscape.


With this whitepaper, we are providing an independent, expert perspective on how your airline peers are engaging with mobile for strategic advantage and the services that travellers demand. We are also seeking to demystify many of the new mobile technologies that will impact our industry in the immediate and medium term.


It is clear that travellers see the value that mobile services and information can add to their travel experience. It is now the responsibility of us all to understand and navigate the rapidly changing world of mobile in order to differentiate, secure customer loyalty and quickly adapt to new business models.

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