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Surfing New Waves: Evolve, expand and explore

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The travel industry’s consumer journey is rapidly evolving and is on the brink of momentous change.

Consumers are going mobile and changing their behaviour and expectations: they demand fast and pertinent answers to their immediate needs. They want relevant information while they shop and search for travel options, but also during their trip. In the context of international travel, consumers want to be able to use different methods of payment of their choice, securely.

Distribution models are shifting as suppliers are reshaping their strategies.

Friend or foe, gatekeepers* are claiming ownership over consumers and could be highly disruptive to our industry.

These battles directly affect your online retail performance, with many players who could be at a crossroad in the near future. 

How will you stay relevant in 2017 and beyond?

To tackle these challenges, you have to prioritise between putting extra effort into managing content sources on the one hand, and making a trade-off with a slowdown in innovation and consumer features (search and compare, instant search, merchandising and more…) on the other. It's not an easy choice. 

Surfing New Waves: Evolve, Expand and Explore!s

Evolve, expand and explore

Evolve with search: it is vital to adapt to new ways of searching to bring value to your business that translate into greater customer satisfaction and higher conversions - the end goal for any online business.

Expand with merchandising: create cross-selling opportunities throughout the traveller lifecycle and ensure your online shoppers can safely complete their purchase anywhere at any time.

Explore new frontiers: with new business models, and innovate with technology. It’s the magic mix to win!

If you don't, your competitors will. 

Technology should empower people to dream bigger, travel smarter and explore further.

We believe we’re the best technology partner to support you in overcoming these challenges thanks to our core expertise in content sourcing, retailing features to improve user experience and boost revenue, and innovation in both business models and technology. It’s time to talk.

* Source: “Travel distribution: the end of the world as we know it?” LSE Consulting.

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