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Super apps, bots and swipes: 10 travel trends for 2020


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Amadeus recently unveiled our top 10 travel trends for 2020. For both consumers and the technology that supports them, an interesting “symbiosis” – or interaction – is at play to the advantage of both. This year, we’ll see the rise of consumer trends powered by technology, along with growing technology innovation inspired by consumers.

Here’s a look at five key trends. To view the rest, check out our infographic.

1.  Booking with bots. The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is evolving as bots advance from entry-level, automated FAQ pages to chatbots that “learn” how to answer queries and “converse” with users. For example, many travel firms will adopt the use of bots to interact with consumers to upsell and cross-sell promotions and offers.

2.  Driving decisions through social media. With social media impacting the daily fabric of society, travel industry players are working to provide socially connected experiences from beginning to end. Among younger generations and emerging economies, the smartphone has usurped the laptop as the platform of choice for travel research, booking and content sharing. As a result, travel companies must think “mobile-first” through every phase of the user experience.

3. Doing right for the environment. Sustainability has become a deciding factor for individuals purchasing travel and accommodations. Travel companies will adapt their offers to reflect this requirement, from reducing plastic in hotels to creating sustainably-focused package holidays. Look for hotels and lodging providers to offer a wider choice when it comes to eco-stays – with consumers holding them accountable if they don’t meet requirements

4. Swipe, tap, one and done. Alternative payment options borne from global financial technology (fintech) are seeing explosive growth; currently there are 300+ available ways to pay for travel around the world. By embracing new technology and platforms, travel companies can easily accept the widest range of alternative payment methods to help improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

5. Supersize my app. Super apps – a single app that includes multiple apps – is one area that’s growing in popularity, enabling users to connect to social media, shop, buy tickets, book rooms, order food or taxis and more. Expect to see mobile content and apps develop even further as 5G networks and devices become more prevalent in the coming decade.

Trending for success in 2020

Using technology to create a better experience for travelers is at the heart of what we do at Amadeus.

The upside is a win-win for all: When technology gets better, the ability to leverage it gets better, and the entire traveler experience improves. From inspiration to search, to booking, payment and follow-up, each touchpoint is an opportunity for travel providers to improve the overall experience, making each interaction better for every consumer, one journey at a time.

In addition to these 10, which future trends do you see in your crystal ball?

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