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Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel - Future Traveler Tribes 2030

Amadeus IT Group

The luxury travel market is growing faster than any other. Discover in this report how to tap into the exclusive luxury travel sector.

Luxury travel is predicted to grow by 6.2%, a third faster than overall travel

Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel: Future Traveler Tribes 2030  is a research paper which analyzes the future regional hotspots where luxury travel is expected to grow, discusses the expectations of tomorrow's luxury travelers and presents some strategies for understanding and serving a new wave of luxury travelers - a highly lucrative, influential and therefore critical group for the travel industry at large.

This paper builds upon the recently published Amadeus research papers Future Traveler Tribes 2030: Understanding Tomorrow's Traveler  and Building a More Rewarding Journey  and provides a deep dive into the luxury travel sector.

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