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Securing the prize for the Middle East

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Here we look at the obstacles as well as the potential rewards to investing into the Middle East, continuing the goal of Amadeus of being a complete global hub for travel.

'Securing the prize for the Middle East'

In this report, we outline the factors that will influence the Middle East’s success in reaching its goal of becoming the dominant global travel hub. Certainly, in light of recent financial and economic setbacks the aviation and tourism industries must work hard to attract new business and leisure travellers to the region.

Whilst many factors and trends suggest that the prize of this position is there to be taken, there remain a number of significant barriers that may hamper progress unless action is taken to address them. History is littered with countries, businesses, sports teams and politicians that fail to grasp the prize that was duly theirs.

This is the risk for the Middle East. However, if the region can capitalise on its strengths it will succeed in its bid to become the world’s dominant travel hub. The Middle East has already made significant headway in its journey to become the world’s premier travel hub. The signs are positive.

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