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NextGen Traveler

Amadeus IT Group

For Amadeus to continue to be innovative and provide customers with the tools to satisfy the needs to the traveler it is crucial to understand trend-setting travelers – enter the NextGen traveler.

For many industries, technology has changed their landscape and travel is no exception. The rise of fast, instant communication has meant that this group of travelers have the same expectations when it comes to booking a trip. Being heavily reliant on mobile devices means that they have more power at their fingertips than ever before. 

These types of travelers are no longer just tourists, but seen as adventure planners – adding value to their trip through local experiences to fulfil their exploratory nature. We define NextGen’s as 18-30 years old who are heavy internet and social media users. Millennials are university students who are accustomed to surfing travel review sites, photos, videos, blogs…for free. Equipped with this continuous mass of information they are more empowered than ever to make a decision about what they want at the time of travel. 

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