Research report

Navigating the airport of tomorrow

Foreword by Julia Sattel

VP Airline IT, Amadeus IT

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Find out more about how we at Amadeus are searching still for the seamless travel experience. All of us that travel, whether for business or for leisure, look forward to a day when we enjoy the journey almost as much as the time at our destination.

 It is clear from the passengers that we surveyed when compiling data for this report, that we are still some way off this goal. Frustrations still exist around check-in, security and baggage. Lots of these frustrations stem from a lack of information and poor communication between the airline, airport and the passenger.

But whilst the impact on the passenger is clear – extended journey times, too much complexity, lack of information – the impact on the airport and airline is equally clear. For airlines, a poor airport experience significantly impacts how its brand is perceived, as passengers do not view the airport experience as separate to the services provided by the airline directly. For the airport itself, lack of passenger information and integration with airlines can lead to lost revenues and reduced productivity.

Through a combination of passenger insights and expert opinion, this report paints a picture of the airport of tomorrow.

We are committed to working with our customers and partners across the sector to break down the barriers to delivering this vision. We believe that by embracing new technologies and with greater collaboration between airlines, airport and partners that an easier, quicker and more responsive airport experience is within reach. 

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