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Merchandising ’17: Trends in Airline Ancillary

By Amadeus & Accenture

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What is really trending in merchandising and ancillary offers in the airline industry? The Accenture Amadeus Alliance investigates, examining the merchandising strategies of more than 60 airlines and reporting on how airlines around the world have crafted their offers to meet their customers’ needs.

A new report by the Accenture Amadeus Alliance

This report explores how airlines are using different merchandising strategies to drive more targeted sales.  

Four central merchandising techniques are discussed - product strategies, pricing mechanisms, promotion and placement – giving airlines of various commercial models in-depth insight into each.  

Amadeus and Accenture have combined their areas of expertise (travel industry know-how and digital capabilities) to produce this practical guide which will help airlines develop their own merchandising and ancillary roadmap.


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