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Marine & Offshore Travel - All hands on deck

Foreword by Arlene Coyle & Renaud Nicolle

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If evidence were needed of our consumer society, it lies in our consumption of oil and gas, which has doubled since 1973. Global demand for energy is expected to increase by 36% by 2025. Our appetite for raw materials, such as oil and gas and affordable goods, is unabated and as a result we will need to increase the number of people traveling around the world to search for those resources - whether that means digging for them or pumping them out of the ground - and to move them to the demand side of the market.

Marine & Offshore companies were chasing barrels, but slashed energy prices now have them chasing efficiency. A new Amadeus whitepaper explains how the latest in travel technology is helping travel management companies reduce costs for this challenging and unique industry. 

When we think of the managed travel industry we generally think about suited up travelers, kitted with laptops, briefcases and corporate presentations, all packed neatly into compact hand luggage. But there is a whole other side to managed travel and these travelers only rarely make the headlines. These are the Marine & Offshore travelers who are vital to the global economy. Not only do they provide the resources necessary to operate it but they also move some 90% of the goods and resources that are consumed around the world. 

The hidden industries that fuel your morning commute

You may be asking what is exactly Marine & Offshore travel? This is sometimes referred to as the logistics industry, to the Energy Space; but in a nutshell it is the ecosystem of providers that handle the challenging task of getting crews to ships and engineers, technicians and support crew to rigs – on time, anywhere in the world. 

This paper provides insight into the demands and trends impacting the Marine & Offshore sector and what it takes for the specialized players to succeed in that space. It explains the business processes and priorities, analyzes the difficulties these agencies are wrestling with, and it looks at how services are evolving to meet opportunities and requirements as the industry changes. 

This whitepaper would not have been possible without the deep engagement of our partners in this space. We are proud to have the participation of the industry leaders in their field to elicit their views on the industry and understand how they are facing these challenging times. We explore the past and the present, with an eye to the future, seeing where the industry is going and showing what part the major protagonists are playing in that. 

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