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Managed Travel 3.0: Meetings & Events

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Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, or MICE, brings together event planners/organisers, transport companies and destination activity providers, in order to deliver a smooth experience for large amounts of event attendees. Watch our MICE video series below for more!

MICE, otherwise known as Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions is a unique business involving many different actors and sometimes huge numbers of travelers all going to the same place . In MICE, these different actors need to work together to ensure a smooth event. This means bringing together venues, destination activities or transportation providers with event owners and event planners.  

MICE is a segment which is becoming increasingly relevant in the Managed Travel space and is seen as an opportunity to offer more to corporations. Through this thought leadership video series, we will delve into the MICE ecosystem and understand how each actor plays a key role in serving the needs of corporations and corporate travellers.

Current technology trends that are joining the dots, from trip selection to journey reconciliation.


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