Research report

Journey of Me

Amadeus IT Group

Journey of Me traveller insights reveals astounding diversity amongst Asia Pacific travellers.

"Journey of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific travellers want" moves the industry towards a closer understanding of travellers in the Asia Pacific region. From when and how travellers plan and book their trips, to how and why they want to stay connected while travelling, to how frequently they use sharing economy services, and the types of new technologies they would be most interested in, the study takes a multi-faceted look at what Asia Pacific travellers want. 

The findings unveiled four themes for travel providers to focus on:

  1. There are many Asias within Asia
  2. The personalisation-privacy paradox
  3. Get real: Recommendations they can trust
  4. The right content, through the right channel, at the right time

Spanning 14 markets, Amadeus Journey of Me Insights is the most comprehensive research on Asia Pacific (APAC) travellers to date.

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Traveler Experience, Japan, China, Research, Asia Pacific