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How blockchain can transform the travel industry

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A decentralized record of transactions that cannot be altered after the fact – blockchain has plenty of disruptive potential. But the travel industry seems to stand out. Why? Catch up in a futuristic #shorttrip

Yes, blockchain is still in its infancy. But that won’t last much longer. And when it does break through, travel agents and businesses should be ready to tag along. Quickly.

We guide you through the blockchain landscape in the world of travel. Please consider this advice: be sure to grasp the basics before you delve into the advanced parts.

3 things you need to know

The founder and CEO of Roomstorm, Maksim Izamylov published an article on Tnooz last year that examines the potential effects of blockchain on the travel industry. The main takeaways?

The reliability of blockchain networks is, theoretically, 100%.

The fact that blockchains are distributed among multiple computers means that they are very hard to hack.

There are already plenty of blockchain companies and projects up and running.

The what, why and how of blockchain in travel (EN)

Don’t overreact to blockchain, yet

Not everyone is as excited as Maksim Izamylov. The new CEO of Expedia, Mark Okerstrom stated in a recent interview with Dennis Schaal, the Executive Editor of Skift, that he “doesn’t see blockchain as a competitive threat at the moment.” He is on guard, however, about the future. “I’m paranoid about everything,” Okerstrom joked. Maybe he should be?

Expedia CEO on Blockchain and Completive Threats (EN)

Amadeus’ new whitepaper on blockchain

Blockchain was first conceived to manage the online currency Bitcoin. Now it’s used to facilitate secure online transactions. The technology offers many advantages and is set to transform our world. Amadeus explores how to apply blockchain to loyalty, identity management, and baggage tracking solutions. Want to know how? Download our brand new whitepaper on blockchain here:

What is blockchain, what do you need to know about it, and how is it relevant to the travel industry. (EN)