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Halal traveler

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Halal Travel is one of the fastest growing travel sectors in the world. Understanding this development is essential for every travel company that wants to thrive going forward.

This type of traveler wish to maintain Muslim principles (i.e. prayer, food, cultural norms) while traveling. Halal Travel is one of the fastest growing travel sectors in the world and it is expected that Halal tourism will grow by 50% in volume and by 35% in value in the next five years. Muslim population growth currently outpaces general population growth and eventually this type of traveller is expected to represent 11% of the market. 

Economically, they have the highest consumer purchasing power of all MENA tourists, with a desire and ability to experience and explore the world. They are also are family-orientated typically traveling in large family groups. International governments are actively attracting Halal travellers, with a Schengen and UK visa waiver for UAE nationals. 

However, not all Halal travellers have the same needs, expectations or priorities when traveling. Within the market there are big differences and it is crucial that these unique needs are understood. Three key themes have been identified: maximizing trip value, relevant accommodation and family-friendly destinations – with woman being key influencers. Halal seekers plan their trips to maximize experiences, however at their destination they want to explore in their comfort zone. 

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